From the Vatican to Villa Pamphili

Once you’ve explored the Vatican, its vast museums, splendid gardens and the iconic Basilica,why not take a respite among the quiet of nearby Villa Pamphili.

From St. Peter’s Square head toward the Rampa del Sangallo and begin walking up the Janiculum Hill. While the road is uphill, the view is well worth it: take a moment to gaze across the rooftops of Rome!

If you happen to be there at noon, everyday at 12 o’clock sharp, a canon at the of the Janiculum Hill is fired to signal the time. From the terrace begin descending toward the passeggiata del Gianicolo (a kind of panoramic trail down the hill) until you reach Porta San Pancrazio.

Here you’ve arrived at Villa Pamphili where you can enjoy a picnic, relax under the shade of a tree, or take a nap under the Roman sun. Use the opportunity to recharge your batteries before heading out once again to explore the city! 

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