Villa d'Este, gardens and fountains

The enchanting gardens of Villa d'Este are located just a few kilometers outside Rome in the small town of Tivoli.

The name of the villa originates from the variety of decorative fountains found on the grounds, and it's one of the most copied Italian gardens all over the world.

It's a magical place that merits a visit during your trip to Rome.

Near Villa d'Este you can also visit the magnificent Villa Adriana, originally the countryside residence of Hadrian, the ancient Emperor of Rome (117AD - 138AD).

If you're organizing an excursion out of Rome, head over to our blog for suggestions on how to get there: How to get to Hadrian’s Villa, Villa d’Este, and Villa Gregoriana: explore Tivoli outside the hot city center.

We suggest you to rent an apartment in the neighborhoods near the Metro: